<aside> 💳 peepoStream limits you to 1,000 free TTS messages per month, you can upgrade to their $10 a month plan for unlimited TTS messages.


  1. To setup Text To Speech log into peepoStream, and click on “Text To Speech” on the left hand sidebar.
  2. Select the voice that you want to use under the “Voice Browser”, I personally use “Brian” from the “British English” pack.
  3. Press “Add” to create a redemption with your chosen voice, you should then see a new redemption and all of the options that go along with said redemption.
    1. You can now change the reward name, cost, description, as well as cooldowns and limits from this panel.
  4. Press save, and then copy the browser source link under “Browser Source”.
  5. Open OBS and add a new “Browser” source, paste the link you just copied as the URL.
    1. Right click on your source and press “Interact”, this will open up a new window which will allow you to sign in with your Twitch.
      1. Please note, if all you see is an empty window that means you are already logged in, you can go to the next step.
  6. You can now add a dock to your OBS to allow you to control your Text To Speech volume levels as well as pause and skip requests. Follow the following steps to add said dock.
    1. At the top left press “Docks” and press “Custom Browser Docks”, copy and paste “https://peepostream.com/obs/dock” to the URL field and choose whatever name you want for the dock.
    2. Once you have added your dock you can now sign into peepoStream on the dock.

If you still need help setting up peepoStream it might be beneficial for you to read their **official documentation.**

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