Subathons are streams where viewers can extend the time the stream goes on by donating money through subscriptions, donations, and etc. There is no real requirement to hold a subathon but some people may hold subathons for charity or for certain goals or milestones.


<aside> đź“– I personally used an app called Marathon Timer for my subathon, so this guide will teach you how to run a subathon using Marathon Timer, there are of course other applications that you can use.


  1. Go to Marathon Timer and press “Login With Twitch”.
  2. Configure the time that is added for each type of donation.
    1. These includes donations through Streamlabs, bits, new subscriptions, and resubscriptions.
      1. To add support for Streamlabs donations you must connect Streamlabs by pressing “Connect Streamlabs” at the top menu.
  3. Configure what the font for the timer should look like by pressing “Font Settings” at the top menu.
  4. Press “Timer Widget” at the top to unhide the URL for the timer widget, copy this widget and add it as a browser source in OBS.
  5. Then when you are ready to start your subathon press “Set Timer” at the top menu and set the amount of time the subathon should start with, you can also configure how much time a singular donation can add.
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